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5 Signs of Winter Frozen Pipes

February 6th, 2018

The pervasive deep freeze in the U.S brings many problems for homeowners. From shoveling to prevent ice-dams to where all the snow should be put- everything proves to be a headache.

Another issue that impacts many residents involves winter frozen pipes. When water freezes in pipes, it expands, creating pressure that’s enough to cause the pipe to rupture. The dreadful news for homeowners is that when the pipe bursts it releases all the water coming from the line causing immense water damage to the house.

Homeowners should review their insurance policy to ensure that it covers the damage caused by winter frozen pipes before the problem occurs, otherwise it will become difficult to pay for the repairs.

We’ll enunciate some common signs of winter frozen pipes so that you can find out when there’s a problem and fix it before the pipe bursts.

1.    Unusual Sounds

When the toilet is flushed or the sink is used, the air that’s not able to escape will give a bubbling sound. This could be because of a frozen pipe. Banging, clanking or whistling sounds are also associated with damaged pipes. When a pipe is frozen, water is unable to pass through it and as a result a whistling sound may be heard. Pressure will build up inside the pipe and it may burst because of increased pressure.

2.    Frost on the Pipe

For pipes which can be easily seen, you might be able to determine if the pipe is frozen by spotting the frost accumulating on its exterior. If the temperature in your area falls below the freezing point, you should check the pipes to make sure there is no frost on them before you actually turn the faucet on.

3.    Strange Odors

The odor of sewerage is distinctly unpleasant and it can serve as a warning sign, if the pipe is frozen. If toilets, sinks, drain or other parts of your home give strong odors, it could be because of a broken or frozen pipe. When the pipe is blocked, there is only one place odor can go and that’s your property.

4.    No Water in the Faucets

You turn on the faucet, but no water comes out. This is a clear indication that there’s an issue with pipes. If the water is coming out slowly or is not coming out at all, the pipe that leads to the faucet might be frozen. If the water does not come out, it’s best to turn off the faucet as the blockage might lead to building up of pressure that might burst the pipe.

5.    Damp Drywall

Leaking pipes release water and if your drywalls are damp, it may be because of frozen pipes that have begun to leak. Also, be watchful of water that’s accumulating in places where it shouldn’t.

If you wish to save your house from potential water damage because of winter frozen pipes that burst, we suggest you lookout for these signs. If you’re ever too late to spot frozen pipes and they burst causing water damage to your home, call Service Master Restoration & Cleaning to restore your home back to its original condition.

5 Signs of Winter Frozen Pipes


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