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5 Tips to Prevent Fire Damage in Your Hayward Home

March 6th, 2018

It has been observed that people in Hayward are ignoring fire safety practices. This can lead to devastating fire damage. To inform people and raise awareness, we’ve come up with 5 tips to prevent fire damage. Read on, these might save your life!

Do you know how many people suffer from fire damage each year?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2015, about 365,500 home structure fires were recorded. 2,560 deaths resulted from those fires with 11,075 injuries and $7 billion loss indirect damage.

What do you think is the reason for such extensive fire damage? The number one culprit is negligence. Many people don’t take the necessary precautions to prevent fire damage in their home and as a result, suffer the consequences.

1. Careful Cooking

In Hayward, many home fires are caused due to negligence with cooking. Ovens, stovetops, deep fryers and grills can all cause fire, if proper precautions are not taken during cooking.


  • Never to leave your stovetop, oven or grill unattended when they’re in use.
  • Don’t wear loose clothing that can catch fire.
  • Keep the surfaces cleaned.
  • Turn off your oven, grill or stove when you’re done using it.

2.  Never Overload Circuits & Electricity Awareness

Plug all the appliances in a single socket! What many of us don’t know is that electrical circuits can overload and cause electrical fires. In your Hayward home, avoid plugging several appliances in a single socket. This will help prevent fires. A little cell phone charger could cause a fire. Be careful and aware of what electricity can do.

3. Install Smoke Alarms

This goes without saying, Smoke alarms should be installed in all homes to alarm the residents in an event of fire. If smoke alarms are installed in every home, home fire deaths will drop by about 36 percent. If your Hayward home doesn’t have a smoke alarm, install one now to safe your home from fire damage. How are your batteries inn your smoke alarms? Don’t wait one more day to put new batteries in.

4. Inspect Your Heater and Furnace

Inspect your furnace regularly to ensure that it is working properly and there isn’t any issue. For example, furnace can leak carbon monoxide gas that can cause fire if left undetected.

Also make sure that all the things that can catch fire are not anywhere near your furnace and heater. Keep everything at least 3 ft. away from the heater. Remember never to leave the heater running while you’re asleep at night as this is extremely dangerous and can ignite the carpet leading to a devastating fire.

5. Keep Dryer Vents Cleaned

A major source of house fires are cloth dryers as the lint in the dryer vents can ignite by dryer’s heat. Make sure to remove the lint before and after drying clothes and also clean the debris. This will ensure safe operation of the dryer vent.

Prevention is always better than cure and it’s best to avoid catastrophe in the first place or at least minimize the damage. The simple truth is that fire emergencies and disasters can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere. If a fire does break out A-C-T, Don’t Panic




Prevent Fire Damage in Hayward Wisconsin



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