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April Showers Can Bring Water Damage in Boyceville, WI

April 21st, 2014

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When you live in Northwestern Wisconsin, what’s one of the nicest sounds you can hear as March turns into April? Water trickling down the street and into the gutters. As you come out of the long winter around Menomonie, Boyceville, River Falls, Rice Lake, Hayward or Spooner, that’s music to your ears. It means the last of the snow has or soon will be melted. It won’t be long until we see budding trees, early spring flowers and green grass. How could there possibly be a downside to that?

There is one potential problem, water damage. Sure, April showers bring May flowers, but when things like thawing ground frost, spring rains, and seasonal flooding comes into the mix, so does flooded or wet basements. Not much fun to think about, but it doesn’t mean your home has to be destined for serious water damage. To keep an annoyance or minor problem from becoming a crisis, approach spring water problems and spring water damage the same way we hardy folks handle other Northern Wisconsin weather extremes: Prepare! ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning provides water damage restoration in Boyceville, WI and surrounding areas!

Water related problems are likely to happen just about every year in this area, so you need a plan. Take steps to keep the melting snow and spring rains out. Identify the sources of the water, where and how is it getting in, and, most importantly, how do you remove it? Most of the seasonal water damage we experience in this area is from water seeping through the foundation and into our basements.

The first step is prevention, and that means stepping outside and taking a careful look at your house. Get a ladder and inspect your gutters. Are they clogged with winter debris? Cleaning them out can be a dirty job, but if your gutters are clogged, they can’t do their important job of diverting rain water away from your foundation. Water will overflow the gutters and cascade straight down to the ground around the foundation where is can seep into already saturated soil and eventually into the basement.

Next, check to see if the soil around the foundation slopes away from the house. Over time, soil can settle causing it to slope toward the foundation rather than away from it. Since water always flows downhill, it will flow directly toward your foundation. Often a little work with a shovel can be a quick and easy solution; while there may be times it’s necessary to bring in some extra fill to raise the soil level around the house.

If you have a chronic problem with water seeping into your basement, it may be a good idea to look into investing in a sump pump. Many homeowners in this part of the country use them and they are very effective.

Finally, when it comes to a damp basement, a good dehumidifier can be your best weapon. It can mean the difference between damp and dry and help you reclaim your basement to keep a usable living space.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. Mankind has been battling with the forces of Nature since the first people realized the need to build a shelter. Despite our best efforts, spring rains can leave us with water damaged living spaces. When that happens, it’s important to find & fix the source, clean it up & repair the damage.

Often times, it requires a professional, skilled in dealing with water damage and the mold and mildew it can cause if left unchecked. When you find yourself in that situation, there’s no one better to call than ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning. We are experts in not just cleaning up but also drying water damaged property. Our skilled cleaning and restoration professionals are trained in dealing with even the worst water damage problems. Whether you’ve experienced a minor problem or a major water damage catastrophe, ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning is at the ready 24/7 to get your life back to normal. When you need the best and you need it fast, please give us a call at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning!


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