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Don’t Stress, Avoid the Mess- Residential and Carpet Cleaning Tips

October 31st, 2013

Residential Carpet Cleaning in  Menomonie, Hudson, Hayward, Rice Lake,

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Menomonie carpet cleaning and residential cleaning servicesLove it or hate it, before we know it, Old Man Winter will be blasting his icy breath  across the countryside. For those who are winter lovers that means snow globe-like wintery landscapes, crisp cold arctic air, and evenings spent in front of a cozy crackling fire. For those who aren’t quite so crazy about winter, thoughts may go to snow boots, coats and snowsuits cluttering the house, paths of accumulating grit and grime across floors and carpets, and maybe a case or two of the flu. ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning can handle your Menomonie carpet cleaning and floor cleaning, but we’ll leave the flu to the doctors.

Just thinking about all that can stress you out and take the fun out of winter. With a little preparation and a few small adjustments, the winter months can be made easier.

The first and most visible problem to think about is all the mess that finds its way in the door. The best line of defense is to stop it at the door before it gets into the house. That starts with having a place for shoes and boots to be removed and stored. Inexpensive plastic boot trays can be purchased at most big box stores to catch and contain grime and melting snow. Once the family gets used to leaving their shoes at the door, cleaning gets easier. If you have four legged friends that need to go out, keep a towel near the door to wipe their feet before they have a chance to romp throughout the house.

Of course, even the best of plans fail occasionally, so to minimize the damage to your floors and carpets, put down throw-rugs at entry doors and high traffic areas. It’s one more place for the family to wipe their feet before tracking dirt, sand and winter salt onto and into your house, which can be a carpet cleaning nightmare. That’s another good reason to clean and vacuum your hard surface floors and carpets more often in winter. All those abrasive materials can scratch floors and damage the fibers deep down in your carpet.

Along with winter comes flu season. Besides getting a flu shot, there are some simple precautions that can help keep the flu bug at bay. Number one at slowing the spread of the flu virus is washing your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and warm water. Numerous anti-bacterial hand soaps are available at most retail locations, but the flu is viral in nature, not bacterial, so again, wash frequently and thoroughly! If you have children, have them wash their hands for as long as it takes to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. It may sound silly, but it works. Keep anti-microbial wipes near the computer so everyone can wipe-down the keyboard, or make it a rule to use a squirt or two of alcohol-based hand sanitizer before anyone begins keyboarding.

Keeping common surfaces like counters, vanities, light switches and doorknobs clean is quick, easy and effective. Just make sure you use an anti-bacterial cleaner with a clean cloth or paper towel. Consider all the things your children touch and share with their friends at school or play. It all comes home with them so it’s a good idea to wash their coats, scarves and mittens regularly. It doesn’t take as much to make a difference as you may think.

Last but certainly not least, check your furnace filter. Not only will a fresh filter help keep the dust level down, but it helps your furnace run more efficiently. It’s a good idea to give your furnace a good cleaning too, inside and out. That may require a check-up from a heating professional, but it can be money well spent.

Keeping your house clean through the winter months is even easier if you start the season with a fresh, clean house. Call the professional and skilled staff at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning to help get your home winter-ready. When your house is clean, you can take some time to get out and enjoy the winter!


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