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Why You Need Mold Damage Restoration Services in St. Croix Country, WI

January 18th, 2018

Leaks in the attic, basement floods or damaged pipes are all common problems faced by homeowners in St. Croix Country, WI. Often times, these problems lead to water damage that can be devastating for your property and everything inside. With water damage come wet wood and soggy carpets that act as a breeding ground for mold.

Whether you spot the growth of mold on the interior surfaces like floor, walls or rafters or smell that musty scent, you must work to solve the issue immediately. For most homeowners in St. Croix Country, WI dealing with mold on their own can be quite a challenge, therefore professional mold damage restoration services in the area should be contacted for mold removal.

Why must mold issue be solved as soon as possible? We’ll show why it’s essential to remove the mold quickly and prevent it from growing in your home.

Home Damage

If you let mold sit on your home’s surface, it will damage it. Even though mold doesn’t eat away the wood like insects, it can still break down the material. The longer you let the mold stay on a particular surface, the more damage it will cause.

Sometimes, mold grows in absorbent spaces like ceiling tiles which can be difficult to remove.  Mold can grow anywhere in your home and spread without you being aware of it. If you are able to smell mold, but can’t see it, call a professional mold damage restoration service as they’ll be able to find the mold and remove it to save your home from damage. Mold that’s inside a wall or beneath the carpet is mostly difficult to spot without a professional’s help.

Health Damage

Mold can damage your health as it gives off microscopic spores that can cause runny noses, allergic reactions and sneezing as well as injurious and irritating odors. Those with weaker immune systems are more susceptible to mold’s harmful effects.

HVAC System

Carpets or inside of the walls are not the only places where mold can hide. It can also be found in your St. Croix Country, WI home’s HVAC system. If there’s mold in your HVAC system and you turn on the AC, spores will spread throughout the house and contaminate everything. If you suspect that there may be mold in your HVAC system, you must contact a professional mold restoration service immediately. You can’ reach the ductwork on your own and you also won’t have the tools required to clean mold from parts of an HVAC system.

DIY vs. Professional

Most homeowners in St. Croix Country, WI ask if they can clean the mold themselves. We advice them never to attempt mold damage restoration on their own as mold removal is a serious business. If you’re unable to remove the mold properly, spores will spread and it will grow in other places as well. This is why you should always call the pros for mold damage restoration in St. Croix Country, WI.

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