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Specialty Biohazard Cleanup in Hudson, WI: Blood and Other Bodily Fluids

October 24th, 2014

ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning provides trauma and biohazard cleanup services in Hudson, WI and nearby areas.

Hopefully your pumpkin carving was fun and produced some wonderfully ghoulish gourds! Even though one of those safe pumpkin carving kits is recommended, folks often turn to sharp kitchen knives to carve their zany creations. Unfortunately, sharp knives combined with slippery pumpkin guts can result in nasty cuts and significant injuries. In all seriousness, if you’ve experienced a situation where any type of bodily fluid has been spilled upon any kind of surface, contact ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning to thoroughly clean it up for you.

Bodily fluids can carry infectious pathogens, and it’s recommended to immediately clean surfaces that come into contact with bodily fluids by utilizing cleansing agents designed to neutralize anything posing a threat to others. ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning in Hudson, WI has a team of professionals available to provide biohazard cleanup from your home or place of business when the unexpected, and unfortunate, happens.

Bio hazardous waste exists within our environments most anywhere we go here in Hudson, WI. From insulin needles disposed in specialized containers to the unfortunate accident at our home or workplace, those biohazards need to be addressed. Insulin needles are usually incinerated to neutralize pathogenic threats. But, when bodily fluids such as blood are spilled onto surfaces exposed to others, a thorough cleansing is of utmost concern. Both from a federally regulated perspective as well as ethical, it is not “ok” to use just any household cleaner to try and sterilize or treat the fluid spill. No matter your environment, ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning assembles a team of people with specialized training, tools, and cleaning agents to clean and sterilize your environment from bodily fluid pathogens.

If you own a home or business in Hudson, WI which has been contaminated by bio hazardous materials, give ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning a call. We dispatch quickly and are able to treat affected spaces appropriately, carefully, and professionally with every effort taken to meet our clients needs. The fear of the wound is only half the problem; the other is how to cleanse the bio hazards that exist after the unfortunate events occur. Our services are available through Dunn, Pierce, St. Croix, Polk, Barron, Rusk, Burnett, Washburn, and Sawyer counties.

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