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Water Damage Restoration: Should I Go DIY? No!

February 26th, 2018

Each year, millions of Americans suffer from water damage. Many leave the water restoration to professional water damage restoration companies while few attempt it themselves. Those who try the do-it-yourself water restoration often incur more loss as they are not aware of the important details involved in the process of water damage restoration.

We feature this post for homeowners in Hayward who think they can handle water restoration themselves and don’t need help of a professional water damage restoration company.

We’ll highlight 3 reasons about why DIY water damage restoration is a really bad idea!

1.     More Water Damage

It’s never easy to spot water damage in a home. Water can seep into the walls, floor and other structures. Homeowners in Hayward who attempt water damage restoration are often unable to get the water dried from these areas.

When water is left in the walls and floors, it leads to more damage without you even knowing that you’re your home is at risk. The structures become weak and the roof may collapse from a severe storm. Then you’ll regret attempting water restoration on your own.

2.     Health Hazards After Water Damage

Water damage brings the problem of mold and mildew. Mold is toxic to human health and if proper safety equipment is not worn before removing it, mold can cause serious damage.

Professional water restoration companies are skilled in mold removal and they have the right safety gear to remove the mold without any health risk. They also sanitize the area after mold removal to ensure that there aren’t any dangerous microorganisms left.

Another health risk especially comes when water damage is caused due to a flood or sewer backups as it contains microorganisms and bacteria which are harmful to human health. Attempting a water restoration on your own puts you at risk of being affected by serious diseases as you don’t know the mitigation steps of dealing with dangerous microorganisms.

3.     Lack of Water Damage Clean Up Equipment

Homeowners in Hayward generally don’t have the high-tech equipment required for drying and cleanup of the home after water damage. Without proper equipment, there’s a high probability that water will not be dried properly. The water that’s left in the home will act as a breeding ground for mold and can also cause structural damage.

Even if the homeowners rents equipment from a hardware store, they might not use all the features and remove all the water from the home.

That’s why it is best to leave the water restoration task to water damage experts who not only have the high-tech equipment, but also has a effectively process for removing water from your home.

These reasons should be enough to convince the homeowners in Hayward that DIY water damage restoration is a big ‘NO’. Always hire a professional water damage restoration company to handle water restoration in your Hayward home. To hire a professional water damage restoration company, call Service Master Restoration & Cleaning at 715-264-8333

Water Damage Restoration: Should I Go DIY


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