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Water Damage Restoration Services in Northwest Wisconsin

Prompt and professional water damage restoration services in Hudson, New Richmond, Menomonie, Turtle Lake,  Rice Lake, Hayward, Spooner and adjoining areas.

Water damage is a very serious issue. Whether it is a leakage problem inside your walls, floor and roof, or a large-scale flood caused by a hurricane or a swelling river nearby, the damage caused by water should never be underestimated.

This is why when you contact us for water damage restoration in Hudson, we start our work immediately because we know that more delay means more damage.

We know that when you’re faced with a water-related problem, it doesn’t matter whether it is weekend or a public holiday. This is why, our water damage restoration services are available 24 x 7.

Speed and efficiency is the whole essence of a successful water damage restoration process.

As soon as you contact us, one of our specialists will pay you a prompt visit and will assess the source of the problem and the damage caused.

Before we start the work we will properly assess the damage, find the root cause of the problem and give you a written estimate. This estimate will include repairs, drying and cleaning.

We can also take care of your insurance documentation and help you with the right paperwork, if you want.

From roofs, walls, flooring to carpets and other furniture items, we can work on any water damage restoration job.

Benefits of Professional Water Damage Restoration Services in Rice Lake

Professional water damage restoration services in Hudson and nearby areas

At ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning we have been helping residents and offices take care of water-related problems for many years.

Over the years we have observed that water damage can be caused due to:

  • Burst pipes within the walls
  • Clogged toilet
  • Water seeping through the walls due to melting snow
  • Deposit of moisture due to lack of sunlight
  • Rain
  • Leaking roof
  • Receded waters after a flood
  • Flower pots on the roof
  • Overflowing washing machine
  • and many other reasons.

Our water damage restoration services can help you find the root cause of the water-related problem, do the necessary repairs to stop the water leakage and extract the deposited water, and then restore your house to make it safe and look clean.

Do you think that ugly-looking patch on the wall is a minor issue? Maybe it is, or maybe it is not. It can only be examined by a professional. No matter how it looks, give us a call and get your water damage assessed.

Our time-tested water damage restoration process:

  1. You contact us
  2. We schedule a visit of our expert at your convenience.
  3. Our water damage restoration expert assesses your house and informs you of the scale of the problem.
  4. He or she offers the solution and the estimate.
  5. Arrival of the water damage restoration team with all the needed equipment.
  6. Taking care of the furniture and the furnishing and if need be, moving them somewhere else, or covering them.
  7. Water damage restoration is carried out including handling of the real problem and beautification of the place.
  8. Total drying of the place
  9. Sanitation and odor removal if need be.
  10. Final inspection.
  11. Restoring furniture and furnishing.

As mentioned above, even a small patch on the wall can be a manifestation of a very big, serious problem. You need to take care of it urgently.

We provide water damage restoration services even for individual furniture items such as couch, carpet, bed, cupboards, mattresses, sofa and other items that may absorb and retain water.

water damage clean up services

We provide water damage restoration services in the following areas in Hudson as well as our expanding service areas Barron County, WI, Barron, Cameron, Chetek, Cumberland, Rice Lake, Turtle Lake, Dunn County, WI, Boyceville, Colfax, Elk Mound, Knapp, Menomonie, Polk County, WI, Amery, Balsam Lake, Clear Lake, Luck, Osceola, St. Croix Falls, Rusk County, WI, Bruce, Hawkins, Ingram, Ladysmith, Tony, Weyerhaeuser, Sawyer County, WI, Hayward, Little Round Lake, New Post, Northwoods Beach, Reserve, Winter, St. Croix County, WI, Baldwin, Glenwood City, Hudson, New Richmond, Somerset, Woodville, Washburn County, WI, Birchwood, Minong, Shell Lake, Spooner, Springbrook, Trego and surrounding areas.

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