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This Winter Don’t Let Space Heaters Cause Fire

February 6th, 2018

With the temperatures dropping outside in the U.S, the potential of fire is increasing inside. The reason: heating equipment.

When the winter sets in, residents choose to warm their home with heating equipment like the space heaters. Space heaters are great for warming up the cold areas of the home throughout the harsh winter months. However, they come with potential threats.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that each year over 25,000 residential fires are caused by space heaters with more than three-hundred deaths and six thousand burn injuries. That’s because most homeowners don’t take the necessary precautions with space heaters.

Monitoring space heaters carefully and not leaving them unattended can help in preventing unnecessary fire damage to your home and everyone inside.  They emit concentrated heat and many models feature open flames or grill that are hot enough to burn skin or catch hanging drapes or fabrics on fire. This is why most of the times we get reports of these heaters causing fires. With some precautions, you can eliminate the possibility of space heaters causing a fire to your home.

We’ll highlight a few precautions that can help you protect your home from fire damage because of space heaters.

1.    Placement of Heater

The first thing you must consider is the placement of the space heater. Although it should be close to an outlet for plug in, you should be careful of the objects in the room and the furniture that could catch fire because of being too close to the heater. As the design of the space heater is open and it emits excessive heat, anything that’s too close can potentially catch fire.

2.    Carpets and Rugs

Never place the space heater on carpets or rugs as they can quickly catch fire in case of an accident. Always place the heater on a fire-proof or hard surface to ensure that there is nothing underneath it that can catch fire.

3.    Heater Should Never be Left Unattended

Most homeowners make the mistake of leaving their heater unattended. Although it is tempting and everyone wants to skip the wait time of the heater to warm up the room, leaving the heater unattended is awfully dangerous. Some homeowners even leave their space heater running overnight or while away and that’s like inviting danger to your doorstep.

Only use the space heater under supervision. Even if you’re just going out for five minutes, turn the heater off.

4.    Never Run Space Heater Near Water

Bathrooms are extremely cold during winters, but you can never use a space heater to warm them up as water sources are always a threat to these heaters. Just a little drop of water can lead to an electrical fire. If the cold bathroom is a problem, leaving the hot shower running before undressing as it will build up steam and quickly warm up the bathroom.

With these safety tips, you can enjoy warmth in winters without worrying about your space heater causing fires. In case you ever fail to take necessary precautions and incur fire damage because of space heaters, call ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning.

This Winter Don’t Let Space Heaters Cause Fire


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